Monday, October 24, 2011

All Natural Applesauce

So I went apple-picking this week which is a plus if you live in New England. Born and raised in the hometown of Johnny Appleseed, it's kind of a big deal around here. So I went apple picking and filled a whole peck full....

Once I got home, I thought to myself "what the heck am I going to do with 14 apples?" I've been eating 2 apples a day now and I still have a ton left over! I decided to think up a recipe for homemade apple sauce. Nothing is better than eating warm homemade apple sauce on a cold fall day! I began my recipe search online and realized that most of the recipes called for a cup or more of sugar. Not my idea of a healthy snack. So I created my own little take, using only all natural ingredients. If you live in New England, or somewhere where you can pick your own apples, I highly suggest it!


- 4-5 large apples (I used fresh picked Cortland)
- 2 tablespoons of a natural sweetener (I used ideal - similar to truvia)
- Ground cinnamon -  about a tablespoon or so


Peel all of the apples and chop them up into small cubes. Combine in a baking pot and place on medium. Add a little bit of water. Continue to stir until they are mushy (20-30 minutes). Slowly, add in the cinnamon and natural  sweetener. Continue to stir until it bubbles and looks like this...

From there, turn off the stove top. You can serve this as a side as is to any dinner (preferably a country style dinner) if you would prefer. Place the mixture into a mixing bowl. Using a hand held blender, mix together until it is to your preference of consistency. Serve warm, it tastes better that way!

Nutrition Information for 1 serving (one cup) - this recipe should make around 4 servings

Calories - 85
Carbs - 23
Fat - 0
Protein - 0
Sodium - 1
Fiber - 6

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mexican Meat Bake

So never in my life have I liked meatloaf. Sorry Mom and Dad but whenever I've ever had meatloaf at home it has always been so plain and dry and tasted like it sounded... meatloaf. Even the word I don't like. So i'm recalling it "meat bake." Ehh, not much better but the word bake seems to fit better. I went over a friends house last night and he made meatloaf for dinner. To be honest I was a little skeptical. To my surprise it was actually really good. It had flavor and taste. Not what I was used to. I asked what his secret was and he said Goya Adobo seasoning. He made his with carrots and peas but I mixed mine up a little bit. It is a very versatile meal since you can use ultimately any vegetable.


- 1.5 pounds of ground meat (you can try this with ground trukey too)
- 10 reduced fat ritz crackers
- 2 teaspoons of goya adobo seasoning
- 1/2 green pepper chopped and par cooked
- 1/2 onion chopped and par cooked
- 2 table spoons of bbq sauce (I used sweet baby Ray's)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Chop up the onion and pepper and lightly stir fry to begin the cooking process. Once they are partially cooked, combine in a bowl with the ground beef, BBQ sauce and adobo seasoning. Take the crackers and crush them up finely. Sprinkle on top of mixture. Mix well with your hands. Take your meatloaf casserole dish and spray well with PAM. Combine mixture in dish and place it in the oven. Let it cook for about an hour or until cooked through. Serve!

Nutrition for 1 serving of meat bake (this recipe should make 6 servings)

Calories - 291
Carbs - 25
Fat - 9
Protein - 24
Sodium - 833
Fiber - 1

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hungry Girl Mexican Chicken

I made this with a friend of mine based off of a Hungry Girl recipe. It was absolutely amazing and filled my craving for cheesy mexican food. Not only was it simple, but really cheap to make and didn't take much time out of my busy night - leaving plenty of time for girls night!


- 4 pieces of chicken (1 per serving, alter this based on how many servings you are making)
- 1 can of fat free re-fried beans
- 4 wedges of laughing cow cheese (I used the queso kind)
- 1/4-1/2 package of taco seasoning
- about 5 natural corn chips
- Fat free shredded cheese for sprinkling on top


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, mix beans and laughing cow cheese, melt if you need to. In a plastic ziplock bag, place tortilla chips and taco seasoning. Hit the bag with your hand in order to crush the chips into little pieces and mix around with the taco seasoning. Pound out the chicken breasts until they are thin. Salt and pepper both sides of the chicken. Stuff the chicken with the rice and cheese mixture and fold in half. Spray a cookie sheet with pam and place the stuffed chicken on the sheet. Once the oven is ready, place the cookie sheet with the chicken in it. Let the chicken cook for about 15 minutes. When the chicken is almost done, sprinkle the top with the crushed chips and taco seasoning. Sprinkle the fat free cheese on top. Place back in the oven for about 5 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through. I served mine with Spanish near east rice pilaf. For less sodium and calories, try steamed veggies.

Nutrition Information Per Serving (1 stuffed chicken)

Calories - 329
Carbs - 21
Fat - 7
Protein - 45
Sodium - 896
Fiber - 6

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